Santa Cruz's FIRST Disc Golf Course

UCSC Disc Golf Course

1600 Hagar Drive, Santa Cruz

Before it became an official UCSC club sport in 1998, disc golf was already a popular part of UCSC’s intramural sports program. When the sport was introduced to campus in the 1970s, there were no baskets (officially called Disc Golf Pole Holes) to speak of; students threw Wham-O-style Frisbees at a variety of targets like telephone poles, redwood trees, and the occasional car.

Eventually, the UCSC Disc Golf Club (UCSCDGC) established courses, but these too were informal, lacking anything in the way of baskets or tee pads.

In 2015, everything changed. After years of clamoring and pushing hard for their beloved sport, the UCSCDGC convinced OPERS to install a nine-hole disc golf course on campus. The modest course that now snakes across the outer rim of the East Field Complex has become a popular place to play for students, and some non-Slugs as well. The slightly hilly par-3 course boasts top-of-the-line baskets and incredible views of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and Santa Cruz. It’s designed to play like a “seaside links course,” and is a wide-open, often windy, place to practice medium range drives and putting. In spite of hilly terrain, elevation changes, and a variety of hole locations and lengths, a round will be more memorable for its beauty than its challenge. Still, it’s a fun course, and worth a visit.

Navigating the course can be a bit confusing, but course maps are provided by the OPERS office in the East Fieldhouse. One thing to note: this is not a circular course—hole nine ends up far away from hole one, so getting back to your car may require a bit of a hike.